Exclusive interview with the famous Greek Artist Vasilis Koutlis

Vasilis Koutlis

VASILIS KOUTLIS, Born in Athens, in 1979. He studied furniture design and decoration. He began his occupation with 3D art in 2002 and in 2007 the idea of xDream3D was born. He managed to acquire partners from all over the world and various collaborators trust him with their ideas as he rewards them with his detailed designs. Not a moment goes by without him thinking of a beautiful image, thus he is never concerned with time but only with the quality of the design .


His ancestors contributed to the enrichment of the ancient world with their creations in various fields, especially in Arts & Science. Following their footsteps, the Greek Designer / 3D Photographer Vasilis Koutlis founded the ONARDE GROUP LTD company.
WebSites: VWArtclub.com | Archdrops.com | xDream3D.com

VWArtclub : Visual Wander – The Art•Club is one of the most prominent Visualization supporting websites with great impact and a strong presence, especially on social media and mainly “Facebook”, where more than 75000 members comprise the Facebook Group; designers, artists and those who are interested in Design generally and Visualization in particular.  VWArtclub.com has more than 250.000 unique visitors per year and Vasilis gave us exclusively the opportunity to announce some great statistics which he has recently collected through a poll. Those stats describe very well the kind of VW visitors concerning their profession and they gave him a Target for the future.

  • 29% 3d artists.
  • 25% 3d artists + Something (Architects, Interior Designers, photographers)
  • 26% Architects.
  • 13% Interior Designers.
  • 7% Strangers.

His target is to double the amount of possible clients for the Official *Members of VWArtclub and especially for *Wanderers and *Studios, thus he is preparing the Archdrops.com which will be the new family member of Onarde Group.

Biography: The founder of ONARDE GROUP LTD was born in Athens, in 1979 and he studied furniture design and decoration.

-In 2002 he began his occupation with Design & 3D Photography.

-In 2007 he created xDream3D and he managed to find partners from all over the world, such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia.

-In 2012 he created a well known *Club for 3D artists named VWArtclub.

-This year (2017) he is trying to create a *Club for architects and Architectural photographers named the Archdrops which is still in progress and with a big plan to link it with VWArtclub.

Not a moment goes by without him thinking of a beautiful image, thus he is never concerned about time but only about the quality of the design. This is what inspired him to create ONARDE GROUP LTD, a company which promotes only high-quality design around the world. ONARDE means On Art & Design and additionally Onar Design. Onar in ancient Greek means dream.

Actually, Vasilis didn’t hesitate when we contacted him for this interview, especially when he knew that it will be directed to the designers and artists all over the world and particularly in the Arab world as it will be published in both Arabic and English Languages. And the Interview went as follows:

First of all, we would like to thank you for accepting our invitation as soon as we contacted you. And we’d like to express our appreciation for the strong and the effective role you play in enriching the field and guiding beginner artists and designers through VW Club’s Website and Facebook Group which you manage personally and where you’ve always been seen commenting on posts yourself. However, let’s talk more about you.


Thank you so much for the invitation. It’s an honour and a very happy moment for me 🙂 I don’t know whether I play a major role in all this… I have just been trying the past years to offer something, just do my part to promote 3D Design.


 Vasilis, we know that your very beginning with Visualization was – “love at first sight” – as you stated it in a previous interview –  between 2002 and 2003 when you were studying furniture design. You also mentioned that you created your own Visualization Studio In 2007 in Greece. Will you tell us about what inspired you to create your initial idea of VW *Club in 2010 before the inspirational incident in 2011 you referred to in your profile on your website?  Did you feel for example, a personal need for such a move as a designer or 3D Visualization artist, so you took the initiative? will you take us behind the scenes?


Basically, the idea of creating a forum existed since 2010, but I wanted to make something different from what already had been in the field such as CGArchitect and Ronen Bekerman’s blog that are very successful.

The VW idea is different since it’s difficult to become an official Member and even more difficult to become a Club Artist. VW know-how gave those who were able to understand it a goal. To get better and join the Club either as official Members or as Club Artists.

When I started this, it didn’t seem so important to me to become a Member but a Club Artist! But along the way, the members’ reactions every time their work was published showed me that they thought it is equally important!From the 75.000 members only 1.200 are featured on our website as official Members, Club Artists or Studios. Moreover, VW doesn’t just present ArchViz, but anything concerning 3D art. But because of my knowledge, 70% of the content is architectural. I would like this to be a 50-50 % in the next years!
The real reason why it was created, was the financial crisis in Greece since architectural construction waned and thus there was low demand for jobs in 3D. There were also problems as far as payment is concerned which is totally contrary to my character. Therefore, I decided to work with foreign clients and also stop collaborating with clients in my country. This of course happened gradually… I found a client abroad and left a client from Greece.

Everything began at a pier while I was fishing in my free time. I remembered the photography classes I had recently attended. There, our teacher told us a story about a famous Greek photographer, Nick Oikonomopoulos, who managed to enter Magnum Club. It was then that I thought “Why not 3D too?”.

The same day, summer of 2012, I began the Vray World group in Facebook. For 8 months I had minimum sleep while working on 3D visualisation & Vray World at the same time and preparing the website which was published in April 2013. From that moment onwards I rarely slept normally. 😀

I never realised how years passed and the Group became so big. It definitely happened with lots of personal effort. Many times I felt like it was greater than me and that I bit off more than I could chew but there was always something that gave me the urge to go on. A new sponsor or some amazing artists that wanted to participate and support the group.


“Hope is the dream of a walking man” and “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”; Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle said that. In your opinion, do these quotes apply to Visualization field… somehow? If you agree, do you think Aristotle meant,for instance, the 3D Visualization field?


I will keep the first phrase and slightly change it…” Hope is the dream of a *Wanderer! On the other hand, I love two other ancient Greek phrases more. The first is by philosopher Solon the Athenian which goes “I’m getting older but I’m always being taught a lot (of things)” a quote by Solon the Athenian” which I completely follow. The second is by the poet and philosopher Cleobulus who lived in Egypt for some time and goes “all in moderation” which I haven’t managed to achieve by now.

For this reason, the past few months I have been studying computer programming. With the basic knowledge I gained, I managed to automate a big part of the everyday work in VW.

My goal is 100%, but I need some more time. My biggest goal though is to automate the 3D workflow which has a million variables. Everybody I talk to about this tells me that it’s impossible, but I believe nothing is infeasible. It can be done and I will try it! This way I may manage to have more free time and devote it to my family 🙂

Be a *Wanderer is one of our new services in VWArtclub and it’s about our official members – freelance artists. However, we have services both for the Group Members and the Studios.

VWArtclub *Services.

Be A *Wanderer. https://vwartclub.com/?section=info&article=official-member

Be A Sponsored *Studio. https://vwartclub.com/?section=info&article=studios-promotion

Be A *Group Supporter. https://vwartclub.com/?section=info&article=group-supporter

For 6 years I have been offering advice to our members for free. But now that the group is bigger, this isn’t feasible. This is why I changed a lot of things in the way it works. Members must profess their gratitude by buying some of our services. Otherwise it can’t work…


Some designers and artists in the field say that they find some difficulties living with their jobs. For example, they see everything around them in the form of composite and blended materials coated geometries, illuminated by different sources of light, surrounded by many reflections, refractions, and overlapping shadows, etc. That they begin analyzing everything around them so they almost work even during non-working hours, maybe holidays. Have you ever encountered that phenomenon? If you have, does this bother you and force you to try to overcome this feeling or phenomenon or do you just like how it feels? How do you deal with it?


I will answer with my motto: “3D Art is a way of living” and it includes everything that you’ve just described. Either you do it and learn how to live with it happily or you let it go. I chose it 16 years ago and I’m very happy for this choice!


Through your experience and from your point of view, what are the most difficult aspects of 3D Visualization and/or Arch-Viz for beginners to master? Which of them is the most important? And did you have a special way of mastering it? Will you share it with us briefly?


I don’t believe in words such as master, expert and so on because they are contrary to what Solon said, but I understand the point of the question. Everything needs great effort to be achieved. What is best is to improve your skills step by step.


In your opinion, and putting theories aside, are there any fundamental aspects of Visualization that if a designer managed to master somehow would compensate for some other aspects? What are those aspects?


3D art is a chain, exactly like Maths… If a link is missing, then the chain is considered to be broken. A workflow (chain) which consists of five steps (Links) which we definitely have to acquire if we want to become professional.

Modeling – Framing – Light Balance – Materials & Post Production. I will avoid the image production regulations since year by year this procedure has been minimised from the creators of our tools.  There are other links that we can add such as architecture, interior design, industrial design, photography, sculpture, painting, cinema and so on… With study, observation and information each of these constitutes a unique and extra link that extends our chain, our experience.


Do you believe in the saying that in visualization field there is always a good way to do everything but there is always a better way to do it in specific circumstances? How does this affect the designer’s performance, proficiency level, and development?


There is a saying that the enemy of good is better. Each of us has a unique way of thinking and based on it he also finds his own way of application. Personally, I follow the pair readiness and quality which definitely needs experience and a novice can’t do.

So, eyes open, ears open and most importantly, an open mind!


Finally, what’s the advice that you were given back in your very beginning and still remember and use until this very moment? And what is your own advice to beginners in 3D Visualization Field?


Never give up! This was something I learnt from my family. And an old employer told me once that nobody is irreplaceable 🙂

The only thing I tell the novices is this: ““ 3D art looks like a gigantic mountain which you have to climb on foot but the only difference is that the higher you go, the more relaxed you feel and you want to go on… In a few words, 3D art is a way of living.”

You have to understand what quality means and never stop trying until you achieve it..that means until you’re really old!


Finally, we’d like to thank you for your patience, welcoming spirit, and sharing your experiences with us. We wish you all the best in your life and projects to come.


Thank you too guys!

Kind regards & #keeprendering.

It’s our annual competition in our group starting now and there’s a financial award of 1.300 euros for the winner!

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Prepared by: Eng. Mahmoud Hegazy

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