Frequently Asked Questions

*How can I reached a higher rank on cgartzone?

Our Ranking system working with the post views, that’s mean every time you will share your projects from our website! You will collect more and more post views then you will reaching higher rank..
So if you really care to be in the front page on our website with the Top 10 Artists’
Then share your projects as you can and everywhere

Just keep in mind from now and so on, you can collect +1 view for the same user IP every 1 hour, that’s mean if you visited the same post every 1 hour then your post will get a new +1 view

Imagine what will happen if you shared your projects every one hour!! How many views you will got?

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*Why my posts removed?

Our site not like others!

Our website working with the quality standard of projects!
So we are trying to select and publishing your best projects only

*What’s mean the quality standard of projects?

When you uploading your projects on our website, We are looking for every single details in your projects.

If 3D artwork.
We are looking for the best ” Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Visualization..etc”

Submitted 3D works should show general design and visualization quality of at least 90%, any submissions of works  below 90%  will be declined.

What is the Trusted Zone?

-Trusted Zone is publishing new posts without waiting for admin`s approval.
-Different and distinctive profile style.
-Sending up to 100 messages.
-Reordering your posts by drag and drop.
-Insights and Tracking all your posts.
-Profile visitors counter.
*And much more!