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My name is Ahmed Mohammed Gbr An architect, interior designer and CGI artist. My childhood was about drawing, playing with meccano build things with this meccano blocks, buy car toys and take its pieces like lamps ,wheels and motors then install it to another old cars just to enjoy the process of creation . Also i used to spent my nights watching cinema films and when i grew up i found that i have a passion for cinematography as well. My teenage period was useless in my opinion i forgot who i am what i used to do for fun and what my passion was ,so i started to explore myself again and decided to study architecture to promote my hobbies and got my bachelor degree of architecture engineering . After graduation i found that i was so lucky to study a thing that related to my childhood hobbies, I mean that the drawing in my childhood become architectural sketching and CGI, the meccano become architectural designing and the cinematography which i used to love it support me in both design and visualization. Yes the things i used to enjoy it while i was a child become more complexity when i grew up but this is life.
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