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This article is a summary of more than 20 articles between magazines and websites specializing in decoration, as well as videos, catalogs and a summary of what I saw from the site pinterest.

Velvet is back to be continued as a trend this year, both in fashion and interior design. It’s perfect for those who look for elegance and luxury. For the color, it takes the grade of jewel tones which gives more richness and depth, like green emerald, royal blue and burgundy.


In particular, rose gold metals is still making its way this year since 2016, with furniture; like coffee table and end table, as well as with all types of accessories, light elements, whether if it is hanging or just standing on the floor. Metals gained a lot of attention for the last two years till it became a piece of statement itself. And this year it can be found not just in frames but in more flashy, shiny golden sculptures. We can also notice the trend of mixing different types of metals.


this is divided in 3 sections :
a) Green
green is a very trendy color for this year , though it wasn’t lovable color (preferred) for lots of people for a long time, now this color can see light in the interior designs thanks to the going back to nature-trend, people seems to like anything has to do with it. Greens, berries like blue berry tones, green lemon and all other green tones color are desired. I’m tending not to talk any further because I will write more in detail about this subject in another article.

trends-of-2018-3b) Urban jungle
(Good news for people who seek for an affordable and easy to get decorating element, yes! I’am talking about greenhouse, psst!! It might be already in your house.)
Greenhouse, is a good news for people who seek for an affordable and easy to get decorating elements, and it might be already exists in your house. Not to mention, that plant can be a style itself! Like the ornately patterned leaves with different colors.

c) Tropical prints
Obviously it’s inspired from plants so no doubts this is a year for nature-inspired decoration style, though this type of prints were common last year. Now we will notice it more to appear as embodied and pictures of pineapple! as a tropical fruit.
4. Maximalism
Literally this is the opposite of minimalism. Speaking of which, last year minimalism was a predominant style in the design world, and that can be said with the wide spread of Scandinavian décor-style. While we saw a lot of these clean quite style through Instagram for the whole past year, people tend to get bored by it eventually, that this year they are reaching for something new, something more uproarious it’s like rebelling against the quietness for more richness décor and so maximalism appear to be a trend for this year.
I am going to talk about this part with a little bit of detail for each picture:1) The designer here used layering style with an obvious exaggeration in each layer. From the outrageous garish pattern and color of the wall, the different shapes of mirrors , saturated colored – wood, the white and black pattern on the floor, to the plants and huge hanging accessories from the ceiling, it’s safe to say that this is a maximalism room style! All without ending up looking so cheesy or tasteless, that’s from the designer point of view of course 😀2) Maximalism is about size too like the huge painting competing not only elements but the whole room itself, I mean it’s really hard not to notice that painting!3) Different embellishment , lots of patterns and you can’t tell what to use? well, simply just put them all because this style is for you ; mixing patterns in a random way is possible now.4) Colors … and more colors! Definitely, when talking about maximalism, powerful ,garish, saturated colors brighten up. We can see that in the picture, where the designer didn’t hesitate using and mixing a lot of bright strong colors that we hardly see a dominant one in the room.5) Decorating with accessories depends on individual taste ; beautiful bright accessories can be used either each piece alone or all together. Mixing between different styles can be noticed from classic, modern and deco style.6) Repetition is another way to express this style; lots of frame covering the whole wall in the room. Simply put, maximum with everything is what this style about, more and more from ceiling to floor ! : )

5. Monochrome-tone on tone
In fashion style this word means either black and white or one color from head to toe and it is very trendy this year, same with interior design, since a lot of people who prefer simplicity won’t be a huge fan of maximalism, this style will be their )sanctuary) way out.

This style is about grading in one color, let us say different layers of white; brick with light color , painted with white layer , frame, and bed sheet with the same color but different textile, this will give a sophisticated feeling and elegance. Or like the first picture, where the wood color is light and bleached.

trends-of-2018-5-b6. circles…circles everywhere
In the past two years, hexagonal shapes where dominant in the field of design, we saw it in frames, mirrors, and tiles. However, circles will be this year trendy shape. A very simple circle mirror with thin frame , and voila you’ll be a very cool, trendy designer!


7. Now, it’s for what type of finishing will be trending this year.

1- Terrazzo
This material is coming back to life from the 70s, to be the new hit for this year , although we barely saw it last year, 2018 will be full of it with all different tones from gray to brown ,white and even colored. And it will exceed its traditional way of use to be found in accessories and other décor elements just like marble.

trends-of-2018-72- Marble
Marble is one of the trending material style I’ve loved in 2017 and still making its way for this year to surpass its familiar use from walls, open book marble, counter bars, floors to accessories , like trays, clocks, and coasters.
trends-of-2018-8 3- Wood
Another material coming back to be a hit trend for 2018,after years of using light color -bleached wood because of the Scandinavian style, deep dark-rich color of wood like which we used to see in retro style for the past years will be a trend again for this year, yet now it will be used in a way that will give it more sense of luxurious and elegance by using metal handles and legs specially golden metals. We notice in the picture the wishbone style used with the dining table, a style appears in the first 20s century, the rich burning walnut wood turned it to be a timeless piece.


4- Texture
Hand-made fabric that is tempting to your senses to touch, like wool textile , and anything embroidered with raw ends, and detailed hand-painted patterns or even bamboo ,anything that has to do with hand-made will dominate this season. These type of textile is fun to decorate with, and since philosophy of mixing is a trend for this year, it allows us to mix fabric with other trendy materials like metal and marble.

trends-of-2018-105- Black and White
These popular contrast couple was ,still and will always be part of the design field. Yet this year, contrast will appear stronger in patterns, sharp cut-ornaments that will appeal you in a way you can’t resist! And if it’s mixed with golden color it will be super trendy.
8. Comfortable luxurious spaces
What’s the purpose of decoration but to have more luxury and improving humans life style? The tendency to create such space is not only nominal but a way of thinking. In other words, trying to turn a humble normal space into outmost luxury, like making an ordinary simple bathroom like a spa, the counter in the kitchen into café bar, even the living into fine hotel room. Comfort to the most is the key address for spacing this year. We also notice the emphasize on using roses in the bathroom, taking care of candles, towels, body care products placements, while bathroom sinks in the past was just simple sink ,a cupboard above for toothbrush and shave cream.
9. It’s hard for me to end this article without talking about these very important colors, which considered to be new somehow, as we saw them last year and still making their way to stay for this year, and they are: dust or blush pink tones and teal or iced blue tones. I mean who didn’t buy a piece that have such colors! We found it in clothes specially with velvet fabric and evening dresses and interior design’s not different, whether it’s a sofa or a chair or even a wall painting.

10. For the final part of this article, I’m going to talk about two types of trending accessories lately appeared.

1- Geometrical frames
We’ve noticed their wide presence in accessories, candlesticks, lanterns and even in frames, mirrors mostly with golden color. In the pictures, we see new element shows up from last year, which is terrarium same concept of the aquarium; small plant pot inspired by agate stones shapes.

2- last thing I’ll talk about is something already exist in fashion and accessories, it’s agate stones. We can find it now in coasters, coffee tables, or even as a decoration accessory. And it’s beauty goes to the fact that it’s inspired by nature. Thought, for me it’s kind of a start point of maximalism because of its bright shiny colors and bold shapes. also, I find as revolution from the geometrical frames mentioned before.

special thanks for Nada kawa for translating this article.
Ulfat Ktaifan


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