Trending indoor plants for 2019

Ok let us first agree that indoor plants will never go out of style, right?

While 2018 was the year of big green leaves we’ve spotted here and there; pinterest, Instagram, interior –décor bloggers, and even youtubers filming their rooms or just sitting while a green large leaves of Monstera plant glowing bright behind! 2019 doesn’t seem to desist the idea of “big” plants.

Yup. You’ve guessed it! Twenty-nineteen indoor plant title will be ” bigger is better”
So get yourself a big plant with lots of leaves, bold and eye-catching plant to add or even center your decorating theme. Because sculptural and architectural plants will dominate in 2019.

Before talking about the twenty- nineteen, I want to talk about the previous year trending plants since we are still taking our early steps toward 2019… the popularity FLF – fiddle leaf fig plant, Ficus plants alongside with the monstera plant from 2018 is still showing up through famous indoor style and décor fashion bloggers, Pinterest, Instagram.. Though it is predicted that fiddle leaf fig is destined to get a farewell this year ,monstera seems to go no where. And that I think is kind of predictable since 2019 theme for indoor plants is “bigger is better “…

In brief, fiddle leaf fig ( ficus lyrata ) known by its large violin or guitar- shaped leaves. With 45 cm long and 30 cm broad though usually smaller. The leathery shiny leaves gives a luxury yet comfy vibe wherever corner you decide to put it. Speaking of which, it’s a tropical plant which means a moist and humid-weather lover. It is best to water when top 2.5 cm of soil is dry; check with your fingers. And keep it in bright, indirect sunlight. With good care it can grow from 50cm to 2 meters or more.

Monstera / Monstera deliciosa ; or known also as swiss cheese plant. Yeah I know plants names’ usually hard to spell or even memorize I’ve had that trouble too and I guess still having it hehe! From mother in laws tongue to spikenard to monstera deliciosa trending plants from previous year, chances are there’s a little to no way you haven’t across through monstera graphic leaf whether on pillowcase or picture frame or wallpaper.

Obviously monstera is a huge plant means it needs a lot of space so it’s better to put it in wide spacious spot in the living room for example, rather than tight narrow corner or space. To keep it growing and alive! Find a spot where there’s balance between sun and shade; too much sun leaves will turn to yellow, dark place not good either, so bright indirect sun is best. Same with Flf it’s a humid environment lover, water it once a week, moderately and evenly ( when the soil is fairly dry), It can grow to 2-3m indoor.

Monstera leaves texture is quite the same as Flf plant leathery and glossy, which can go along well with almost every other decor texture from velvet fabric to fur to shiny metal decoration pieces.

But like any other trend, some plants will show up to be on the spotlight than other and it’s predicted that Ferns Plant will be one of the hit plants for this year taking the lead role from FLF plants.

Why ferns? , according to many trend bloggers and platforms like Instagram; urban jungle is getting lots of attention and liking from the audience as a trending way of planting in 2019 (which I will talk about later, hopefully –crossing fingers-!) ferns seems to be a must part of that jungle family. (The more “jungley” the room is the more likes it gets!…. #urbanjungle) and ferns are playing a great part forming that jungle beauty!

Popularity of having a healthy life style, people are into adding nature and growing plants in their everyday life indoor-spaces hence people are more confident to buy mature plants that can be effective and has its own impression in styling as well. And since 2019 is a year in which size matter, ferns is a good candidate to be the main player this year!

Yet fern is a big family… so I will mention only few, mostly the ones I found most talked about while doing this search and featured most in popular pictures on trending platforms.
1. Maidenhair fern

2. Boston Fern

3. Silver lady fern

4.Bird’s nest fern

Tips to keep ferns healthy, though ferns are low-maintenance ; To keep it alive and maintain our rich green source, it is best to put it in a shady spot with ambient light , it is a tropical plant so it’s a humidity environment lover , mist your fern when needed. Temperature is best when around 20 degrees, moist soil is a must but never soaked. In general, watering with a small amount in daily basis usually enough-allow the top soil to dry before watering.

Ferns character in general; got rich shades of green with classic texture, funky, fluffy, lacy fronds and frizzy border that somehow add a lively character and blend well with any decorating style! It can stand out alone as a plant on pot or it can be mixed with other plants or flowers.

It can be used as an additional decorating touch to a bouquet or it can be the bouquet! Or just a simple green–ish decorating gadget. Another way to use it is when it’s dry, since sustainability is a concept people heading more toward.

Or arrange ferns as a group or with other green collection at special spot at your indoor to bring it alive or to be the concept of “green- wall” itself by using shelf or hanging them or simply, just standing on pot!

Another nominee which will steal the limelight from the fiddle leaf fig this year is the Umbrella tree plant/ schefflera/octopus tree . For years umbrella tree have been neglected but it seems it’ll get its opportunity to shine our indoors this year. In general it can get 2-3m tall indoor. You can find it’s leaves tinted with yellow , gold, or white patterns, which can be quite a status feature.

Umbrella tree needs bright, indirect light. Moderate humid room with a temperature 13c-24c is preferable.

You love big dramatic plant? With a strike yet elegance foliage pose? Great! Bird of paradise (the “strelitzia nicolia” one / white bird of paradise) got you covered this year!

Strelitzia nicolia a plant with huge glossy green leaves around 30-45cm and looks like banana leaves, it’s a big plant yet since it grows upright, even tight corner is a possible place for it! The leaves got bluish green color with red midrib.

In order to grow healthy, it needs a bright light and best position in a room; east facing or west facing window. Obviously it’s a tropical plant; which means a humid environment lover, keep the soil moist but never soggy.

Another indoor-tree nominee for popularity this year goes to… Cast iron plant! (aspidistra elatior) a member of lily family, its native forest floor is far east asia like china japan and Taiwan so a dim light won’t be a bother. Actually it’s better to place it near any north-face window. For watering; wait for the soil to dry before doing so.

Its easy maintenance and flexibility will make it a huge target for those who don’t have time or know how to take care of a plant. Plus ,the plant is tolerate when it comes to sunlight so it’s perfect for apartment and spaces with little light resources. A purple flower appears in the very deep bottom hidden among the foliage.

If your soul needs some cute playfulness with a tinged of romance in the space Heart leaf philodendron-philodendron cordatum– is a good answer. And it can be even cuter when it’s hang!

Philodendron is easy to take care of; it needs bright indirect light, water it when the first 2cm top surface of the soil is dry, and how would you know? Well, use your finger 😛

Philodendron hope selloum, is another choice from the same family if you don’t want to deal with trails, since it grows upright.

Dracaenas -Janet craig/Lisa plant like other plant with low maintenance level; it’s easy to take care of, grows well with low light just don’t over water it. Its beauty comes from the shiny leathery dark green leaves with a sword-like shape. As interior design it can be used as a table plant or floor or a stately tree.

Ponytail palm – elephant foot plant-bottle plant (beaucarnea recurvate)
ponytail palm has nothing to do with palms but the name, so don’t let the name fool you!

Its unique bulbous trunk shape (succulent storing water), cascading ponytail leaves is perfect and add a cheerful touch to your indoor , it can reach to 1m tall and due to low maintenance it is favored by green lover or those who just simply want to add one without the hassle of planting-care! Beside, those curly ponytail … super cute ha?

Put it where there is full sun or bright light, water when it is dry only, semi-dry is perfect condition. And if it happens you’ve got cats or dogs living with you, ponytail considered nontoxic to them and to horses too, (well if you happen to have one indoor hhhh! )

Rubber plant / Rubber trees ( ficus elastica) ,Another plant that’s believed to take over the fiddle leaf fig this year and obviously, due to its bold, proud and warm statements it reflects, it is sure to grab all the attention. Rubber plant grow large and robust, and it’s ranked as “one of the very best houseplant to clean the air”
Rubber refers to the sap that leaks if you cut or scratch it , and the leaves have shiny leathery texture.

Rubber plant needs bright light especially the variegated one if you want to maintain the colored markings but keep it away from direct sunlight. It loves water but never let it sit in a sink soil.

You’ve got 50 shades of green in your indoor and want to add some colors yet keep it trendy try these…You can see from the picture there’s a pink-red one “ rubby red”… and let me talk about this;
2019 is opt for plants with hints of red and pink ; as well as plants with green foliage tinged with white or creamy markings.

Red prayer plant (Maranta) another plant with red-pink hints foliage. The magenta veins passing through the leaves contrasting the dark green creates such a dramatic and romantic vibe! Hence, if romance is perennial in your veins, red prayer is the right houseplant to grow. Keep it where there’s bright light but indirect sunlight, when the top surface soil (2cm) is dry water it, keep the plant moist it’s a humid environment lover.
You can see it often grown in hanging basket, but it can also be grown horizontally at any surface like tabletop.
But what is really mesmerizing about this plant is the fact that came with its name, which is at night the leaves start to fold up like hands in prayer!! What a lovely pie!

However planting orientation trends nowadays are to grow your own plant and in 2019 it is to grow your own avocado tree!

And among interior trends in 2019… cactus arrangement is to be found everywhere

Another interior trend that has to do with plants is Vertical gardens this provide less space to grow your plants it’s great solution for small space in addition to the rich green atmosphere it creates. Try it…and you can be playful with the way you want to build it!

Bonsai trees ,is a way of planting and not a name of a plant in other words it’s a miniature version of enormous trees that is a form of art developed from China and influenced later by Japanese. With good care bonsai trees live longer than any indoor plant.

( the left one is an olive bonsai/ the upper right is a ponytail palm bonsai)

Nada M. Kawa’

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